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Note Edge Surpasses Expected Sales


When it comes to smartphones, there are only two leaders in this market – Apple and Samsung. Only they have the capabilities to handle the demand of global smartphone requirements.

In today’s market, it’s pretty hard to introduce a new concept. Smaller companies don’t try because they don’t have enough resources to launch something new. While Apple’s motto is that never change but only improve, so they are stuck with their old devices which they just upgrade.

On the other hand, only Samsung is left in the market to try something new with its products and introduce new concepts and technology that’s unique and in some cases, quite ahead of others. One such concept was the introduction of Galaxy Note Edge earlier this year. The move to release a unique variant of its Flagship Galaxy Note 4, with curved edge display, was thought by many as a failed gamble.


Well, the phone was released and it was liked by many people and at the same time, disliked by many others. So at the time of release, from the reviews from critics, it was thought that the phone will be a flop. Instead, it came out to be quite opposite today when Samsung published its sales record.

According to them, they have sold more than 630,000 Galaxy Edge devices which we could say is a great success. So let’s see what Samsung does with this edged display in the future but for now, it seems to be great.