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Samsung Loses To Micromax In India

An employee stands at the counter of Micromax mobile phones at a showroom in New Delhi

Everyone around the world who has been in touch with some tech news know for the past few years that Samsung is currently the ultimate smartphone producer. It produces around half of the world’s smartphones which makes its presence well-known around the world.

Well, Samsung has been producing its products at plants that are present in multiple countries. Samsung has well set production lines in countries like China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, India and many others.

It has been producing smartphone in all these countries for local and international sales. This made sure that Samsung had proper control over the global smartphone market.


Well, as we know that India is the world’s second largest country in term of population, there is a huge demand for smartphones there. India is a market for low-end phones, and importing these phones could prove expensive. So Samsung started producing phones for India within India. In no time after this, Samsung took over the Indian market. Over the time, there have been many competitors globally for Samsung.

Now, its newest competitor is in India, this competitor is Micromax who has taken over from Samsung in low-end phone production. Micromax was able to produce cheaper phones. As Samsung has seen a decline in international sales in the last year, so now, it’s rethinking everything and planning to take appropriate steps to regain its market as soon as possible.


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