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No, Samsung Isn’t Selling Its Camera Business to Nikon

Samsung-Camera-NX300Rumors were pointing out that Samsung’s NX mirrorless technology used in its high end camera is now being acquired by Nikon. Samsung was with an intention of pulling out of the camera market in Germany and U.K owing to stagnation. But a recent statement from Samsung made the issue take a full u turn.

“Samsung’s statement on this is as follows: Media reports that Nikon is allegedly buying our NX technology are not true”

Although Nikon might not buy the intellectual property of Samsung that involve the mirrorless tech, there seem to be some kind of partnership between the camera giants. The announcement would come at the CES 2016. While the rumours indicated that Samsung is pulling out the camera industry entirely, it is not true. Samsung did pull out of the European market but not out of the entire camera segment.

Samsung has also indicated in a statement that it has a new pro grade full frame mirrorless camera ready for launch.

“Our very top Samsung sources confirmed they successfully developed a production ready mirrorless full frame system camera,” mirrorlessrumors writes today. “They reported that Nikon is very likely to use that sensor now. While the camera design may change to suit Nikon’s needs.”

Well, there is a lot of confusion regarding Samsung pulling out of European markets and forming some kind of alliance with Nikon to share its technology to be used in high end cameras from Nikon. The only one who can clear this confusion is Samsung and we await the official statement from Samsung addressing these concerns.

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