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EA Play Offers EA Games at A Discounted Price for The Galaxy Phone Users


Game developers know that major amount of cash earned on their games and apps lie in the iOS eco system. They rely on ads to make the moolah as far as android devices are concerned. Now EA is using a new strategy to generate revenue on the android platform and Samsung’s galaxy device play a central role in it.

EA actually used this strategy before but for consoles. and much like the EA access program for Xbox one, EA play for galaxy devices offer steep discounts and other benefits such as addition of in-games weapons and costumes exclusively.

The games that are included in this program are SimCity BuildIt, FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, and Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. EA has chosen its partners wisely. Samsung is one of the high end android manufactures whose device popularity can match the iPhone and iOS devices. EA wants its games to be played on the high end android devices so that the experience would be as it intended for its games.

Another reasoning is that, people who buy the flagship Samsung devices are generally well off and contain the capacity to spend more on gaming and in app purchases that would normally be avoided by other users. And offering discount would further give compelling reasons for the EA play user to spend more on its games and experiences.

But it doesn’t mean that you can access EA games only from Samsung devices. The EA games are available for all android devices but the discounts are limited to minimum.