New Galaxy S9 leaks giving details about the phone

Samsung’s latest device got released just a few weeks ago, and we can say that it is extraordinary. The company is also already working on their next device, the Galaxy S9. The device has been a target of many leaks recently, which are hitting its design and the specifications.

Some of the newest features and greatest details might have just been revealed. It is suggested that the Galaxy S9 will come up in two versions, the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9 Plus. The devices will also keep the curved screens as their main design. The curved display is a well-known feature of the Samsung flagships, which begun with the Galaxy S6.

Apparently, they also got their firmware model number. The Galaxy S9 will be most commonly known as SM-G960, while the S9 Plus, SM-G65.

The report is also suggesting that the devices production and development has started two weeks earlier, just like with the last year’s Galaxy S8 flagship devices. The company might also look to counter the Apple’s iPhone X with the Galaxy S9 launch.

The Galaxy S8 was not released until April, then it got unveiled, and several days after that released. For the S9 lineup devices, we have rumors saying that they might be released much earlier, in late January.