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How to Maximize Galaxy Note 4 Battery Life

Galaxy Note 4 Battery LifeThe issue regarding Samsung Galaxy Note 4”s battery life has been raised several times with the users who complain that the device can’t keep power for long. There are also claims that the Note 4 consumes a lot of power due to its huge display and its dual-core processor.

To solve the low battery issue, there are various tips that have been proven to be successful in maximizing Galaxy Note 4’s battery.

Updating the Galaxy Note 4 to the latest Android version

As time goes by, there are different android firmwares that get introduced in order to help the device save battery. Since each Android Firmware update comes with features that are meant to maximize the battery, users should take advantage of this method to maximize Galaxy Note 4 battery life.

However, one should be careful not to use the wrong firmware for their Note 4.

Use Samsung Galaxy Note Power Control Widget

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with a power control widget that helps regulate the Galaxy Note 4 power. There are some widgets of the Galaxy Note 4 that are believed to drain the device’s power.

The widgets include Screen Brightness, Sync, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi. Therefore, it is advisable that when the widgets are not in use, they should be turned off. The Galaxy Note 4 power control widget can be found where the other android widgets are located.

Minimize the use of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Live Wallpapers

It is not advisable to use the Galaxy Note Live Wallpapers more often since they use much power that drains off the battery very fast. Using wallpaper with no animations can be a very good alternative for the animated wallpapers since they don’t consume much power as compared to the animated wallpapers. Therefore, one can easily maximize their Note 4 battery life by sticking to the use of regular wallpapers.

Since the screen brightness also, consumes extra energy, it is advisable to shy away from using more bright wallpapers.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Battery Maintenance

At one end, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with golden pins. The golden pins are meant to transfer the power to the device from the battery. The golden pins can also get loose when one is used to removing the battery more often. The golden pins, then fail to connect with the socket the moment they totally get loose hence this negatively affects the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 battery life.

To prevent the golden rings from loosening faster, one should regularly clean them using any alien parts and a dry cloth. One should ensure that they do this at least once in every two months.

Smart-charge your Galaxy Note 4 Battery

It is important that one knows how to correctly charge their Galaxy Note 4 Batteries even if it is not stated in the device’s manual. First of all, it is important to note that the battery takes around three hours to fully charge. There are some bad charging habits that are not advisable like leaving the phone plugged to the charger overnight since it leads to overcharging the Note 4 battery.

It is well-known that overcharging spoils the battery hence making it not last longer after charging. Also avoid using fake chargers that did not come with the Note 4. The reason behind this is because each battery has its own style of charging hence fake chargers might not be the required standard for charging Galaxy Note 4.

Use Galaxy Note 4 Power Saving and Ultra Power Saving Mode

Galaxy Note 4 comes with a handy Power saving mode to maximize battery life. There are three options to choose from.

Restrict background data option set the device to prevent apps that are running in the background from using a mobile data connection.

Restrict performance option set the device to limit resources, such as reducing the display’s brightness or turning off vibration when keys are touched. To save more battery power, enable at least one relevant function.

Grey scale mode option set the device to display all colors as Grey tones.

There is another unique power saving feature Galaxy Note 4 has. It is called Ultra Power Saving mode. Check the video below to know how to use this.