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Leaks from Dual-Camera Galaxy S8 prototype

Leaks from Dual-Camera Galaxy S8 prototypeNew leaks from the dual-camera setup on the Galaxy S8 were found online this Tuesday. This only confirms how Samsung are dedicated on bringing this technology on their devices. The prototype on the image looks very closely to the one that was rumored to be the Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus, only with dual cameras at the back. The device on this leaked image though, has a missing fingerprint sensor, which we are not sure what could possibly Samsung done with it.

The source of this image also suggest that Samsung are preparing a revision of their new flagship lineup equipped with dual-camera setup. Regardless, it doesn’t look like a realistic scenario in the end. Also, it was previously said that Samsung want to implement the technology on their Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, and we saw many leaked images before the device was officially unveiled. This might be just one of the images that is only a rumor. Or, it could be the design of the Galaxy Note 8 at the end, but that is also less likely to happen.

Even though it is said that the 2017 flagship devices from Samsung will sport a dual-rear camera setup, it is still too early to say that it will all be true. The company still has to find solution of the replacement for their fingerprint sensor, or to import newer technology on their devices. More information and rumors will be following up in the upcoming days. Also, the Galaxy Note 8 was set to be unveiled in Mid-August, so more rumors are definitely coming in our way.