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Latest Leaks Proving S6 Dual-Edge Rumours To Be True


Samsung, the innovative tech giant in the world, has come up with some of the best things we have ever seen. It has been adding more and more advanced features to its devices over the time that just a short time ago, we wouldn’t have imagine that we would advance so fast.

Last year, Samsung introduced one such innovation in the form of Note Edge – a device that brought the idea of curved display to reality. Well before the release of this phone, many people didn’t even believe this but in the end, Samsung won and it proved that it is capable of such things.


Well this year round, a rumour came out that this time, Samsung is planning to double the edges. Well it seemed odd at first but after taking a look at the sales of Note Edge, it’s quite clear that phones with curved edges are the next thing.

So this week, Verus, a case maker for Samsung, introduced new casings whose designs and images were leaked. Well these images show the curved edges quite clearly. This has taken the enthusiasm of the Samsung fans to a whole new level and they are waiting for MWC that is starting from March 1.