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Is Galaxy S6 Edge Waterproof?

Galaxy S6 Edge

Today Samsung fans will find out whether the latest Samsung flagship device is waterproof or not.

Some waterproof tests were done on the Samsung Galaxy S5 and it turned out the phone was waterproof. Now it’s time for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to prove what it’s made of.

One of the tests that are going to be done on the Galaxy S6 Edge is that it will placed in a bowl of water. Which means that the phone will be completely surrounded by water from all corners.

The phone was placed in the water and the stop watch was started on the phone. The phone looks to be solid in water as it doesn’t even comes near to dying even after two minutes of under water.

There are no air bubbles which means things are going good for the latest Samsung phone. The iPhone dies just after a minute under water. The phone has been under water for about ten minutes now and nothing is happening.

Some bubbles started forming after the 11th minute but the phone doesn’t die. The phone passes the 20 minute mark and nothing is happens to the phone. The phone screen goes blank after 22 minutes.

The phone is then dried off and all of the water is poured out of the phone. The screen goes dark and the phone will not turn on. After the phone is a little dried and some of the water evaporates from the phone, the screen starts turning on and off.

Even if the phone starts, you will start to receive errors like ‘software failure’ or ‘camera won’t turn on’. Even if the camera does turn on, there will be water on the lenses.

So it turns out that the phone is not water proof and it isn’t recommended that you should put the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in water or take it with you in your bath tub.