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How to Change Galaxy S6 Battery

Change Galaxy S6 Battery

Now many of the people are thinking that the built in status of the Samsung Galaxy S6’s battery means that it is non-removable. They are wrong as the battery of the Samsung Galaxy S6 in not totally non-removable.

All you need is your Galaxy S6, tweezers, a hair dryer, a micro Phillips head screwdriver, a spudger tool, an intimate knowledge of electrical engineering and an hour to spare. Well it is a hectic activity to indulge in but it isn’t impossible!

Moreover you have to eject the SIM tray, heat up the battery door with the help of the hair dryer, draw off the battery door with a suction cup and then separate the door with a case-opening tool.

Finally after this you will have to undo 13 screws, heat up the LCD assembly, pry open the charging chip flex ribbons and then pull off the front facing camera connector, ear speaker connector and the battery connector.

By this time you would be thinking that you have nearly opened up all of the smartphone but there is more to it and you will then remove the entire motherboard and then pry off the battery with a spudger tool.

So the Samsung Galaxy S6 seems to be an amazing smartphone no doubt but battery convenience isn’t actually what the smartphone provides. Well you will have to compromise on something now in order to get such an amazing smartphone.