Not long ago, Samsung were discussing about their Tizen firmware platforms. It started 2 years ago and continued to bring their efforts to reality.

Companies like LG, Huawei and Motorola are working on this case for several months this year, and Motorola is the only one who brings up their opinion for making Android Wear. They think that all of that is just going nowhere. Their announcement in the past week is reporting that they are bowing out from the smartwatch market, because they see no future in it. The other companies are supporting this report. The only one remaining silent are the Japanese OEM, Sony, who launched their first smartwatch in September 2014.

So, the question remains, what will happen with the Android Wear future, and the dream of Samsung for their Tizen platforms. Since they mixed things up in this last period, they brought a small amount of following and interest of their platform. So, what Samsung actually brought, is making unique hardware for Android Wear. The proof of this is their release of Gear S back in 2014, where they made curved display on a smartwatch. Many of their buyers thought that it was too futuristic, but there were many who loved the smartwatch and bought it just because they liked it.

The next big step for Samsung with making Android Wear is the releasing of their Gear S2, which had also unique design. They made a rotating bezel which is still one of the most unique features and designs on a smartwatch. The look of it is just simply making something old to look very modern and also futuristic. The next device, Gear S3, was just all about refinement and an example for making a device that is unashamedly masculine.

The last thing is that Samsung has singlehandedly brought down Android Wear by making a special one and unique Tizen platform. They had all the rights to do so, as the platform is their own. The device was able to display its own capabilities for the battery life, an extraordinary design and performance. All of that combined are giving a unique experience. And it’s just the thing Samsung wanted to do. On the market there is still nothing even close like what Tizen was produced.

The sad thing is that the fans were not waiting too long to make criticism and calling the death of the Tizen, as they were saying that the competition will bring it down and that it will never compete with Android Wear. And yet the Android Wear is still looking to sink down. Motorola tried to get close and make something better than Samsung, but they still took their exit. In a meantime, and even today, Samsung are still keeping Tizen alive and trying to prove everyone wrong who are predicting the death of Samsung and Tizen.

  • María-José Blumen

    As long as my Gear 2 worked it was great. I had it to the LTE version of the Note Pro tablet. Unfortunately my Samsung Gear 2 was in the repair shop for 4 months during the 2 year period that it worked altogether. First software problems, then the camera wouldn’t focus anymore. Finally, the display broke and since the guarantee period had run out there was no point in getting it repaired again.
    That healed me from my desire to get another Samsung smart watch ever.
    That and the fact that Samsung refrained from making smart watches compatible with their latest high end tablets S2.