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Hackers can Steal Your Google Username and Password by Exploiting a Security Flaw in Samsung SmartFridge

Samsung SmartFridge

Samsung released many smart devices in past years, including smartphones, smart TVs and even SmartFridges. Though these devices bring in some cool features to your day-to-day life, these also open doors to hackers for possible cyber attacks.

In the past we heard many instances when hackers gained access to computers and smartphones, never a refrigerator. But a new report suggests that security researchers at Pen-Test Partners recently gained access to Samsung Smart Fridge with model number RF28HMELBSR.

Samsung released the SmartFridge series of advanced refrigerators which can show your calendars, you can also play music, get weather reports, watch TV and make phone calls.
Samsung SmartFridge-1
According to security researchers, hackers can use fake security credentials to intercept communications between the fridge and Google Calendar. They can use similar techniques to hack into your Google account and can potentially steal your username and password.

Samsung bought the Internet of Things company SmartThings in August last year, but these SmartFridge does not use the technology from SmartThing. The research was conducted at the Internet of Things hacking village at the annual DEF CON conference.

Samsung SmartFridge is not the only device, which has potential security hole. Devices from ASUS, Netgear Apple, FixBit, etc. have also many security problems. Here is a list of all devices, which have serious security problems.