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Galaxy Tab Going 64-bit


Samsung has been the leading tablet maker in the market for a long time. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab series is considered to be one of the latest in the market. But in the recent time, the tabs have been left a bit behind because Samsung did not upgrade the processor of any of its tabs to 64-bit. 64-bit processors have been on people’s mind for a long time now because of all the rumors going on about all the latest flagship phones getting 64-bit upgrades.

Well, those rumors have now spread out and Galaxy Tab is the latest device about which it’s being said that it will get a 64-bit processor. According to the rumors, it was being said that the 8-Inch Tab 4 will get a Snapdragon-410 processor upgrade.

sam5As we all know that Snapdragon has made great 64-bit processors but earlier on, they had some problems because the processors were heating up – due to which Galaxy S6 is getting an Exynos processor instead of Snapdragon. Let’s hope it all goes well for the Galaxy Tab 4 and it gets a redesigned perfect working 64-bit processor.


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