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Galaxy S9 to have dual-camera setup, KGI says

Galaxy S9 to have dual-camera setup, KGI saysIn a newest report from KGI, they suggest that the Galaxy S9 will follow the steps of the Note 8, with featuring dual-camera setup. No further details were found on the report from the KGI’s analyst. The Galaxy S9 might also have similar specifications like the Note 8, with some changes on it. But, the camera setup as well as the features that comes with it, will probably be the same or with some changes on them as well.

The cameras on the Note 8 feature two OIS snappers on the back side. These are 12-megapixel cameras, and the Galaxy Note 8 will be the first device that will feature OIS cameras on the back. There is a possibility that Samsung might import an ultra-wide-angle lens instead of the telephoto lens. If that doesn’t happen on the Galaxy Note 8, it might be included as a change on the Galaxy S9. KGI also said in their report that Samsung have plans to ship between 12 and 14 million Galaxy Note 8 units in 2017. They also added that Samsung are probably working with Himax and Egis in order to develop the in-display fingerprint sensor, which might also be a feature for the Galaxy Note 9, or even the S9.

The Galaxy S9 is rumored that it will most probably feature an in-display fingerprint sensor, but it might turn out that it will have the similar setup like the Note 8. The reason behind that is because Samsung might not again catch up in time to finish the production of their newest technology. The announcement of the Galaxy S9 is still far away, and it is too early to make predictions or say anything for sure about it. The Galaxy S9 is expected to be announced in March or April next year.