Samsung’s Galaxy S8 will remind you to clean the camera lens

The Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus were officially announced yesterday and unveiled at a special event in New York City. For that event, Samsung surely took a lot of care at their marketing campaign, and also spending a lot of finance to achieve probably the best announcement we’ve seen yet. The devices are surely fascinating, but they also have their own flaws like most of the smartphones do. One of them is that the device itself will be reminding you to clean your camera lens, so it could work properly.

The camera lens can get easily smudged because it is really close to the fingerprint scanner. Samsung of course is aware of this issue that might became problem to their users, and because they want their users to be happy, they do come with this solution in time. After opening the camera app on either of the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, the app itself will remind you to clean the camera lens.

The pop up should say “A clean lens makes for better shots. Clean your camera lens to keep taking better pictures” when you open the camera app. We still don’t know whether it’s going to appear, but probably will pop up randomly after you open it for the first time. But we know for sure that it will not appear every time you open the camera app.

This might seem as a small feature, but definitely is useful one. Now, one question comes to mind, why did Samsung made the fingerprint sensor right next to the camera if they had to add a reminder?