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Galaxy S7 Has an Aerospace Grade Liquid Cooling System in It

6a0120a5580826970c01b7c8187812970b-800wiThe Galaxy S7 is making waves across the smartphone world for its design and features. Samsung has built tons of tech into its flagship for 2016 and included in it is a new liquid cooling system.

But why does the S7 need a cooling system when its predecessors didn’t?

First of all, the reason Samsung has cited is the increase in CPU and GPU performance has resulted in production of abnormal amount of heat. Samsung wants the phone to have a performance that is unmatched by any other phone on the market. it wants the Galaxy S7 to have console level graphics for the games. To keep the phone’s core temperature in check, Samsung has added the liquid cooling system so that the phone can reach its peak in performance all the while, staying cool.

Liquid cooling is a tech that is far too familiar for gamers who build their own gaming rig. The processor that is overclocked produces great amount of heat. To cool CPU and graphic card, this technology is used.

This isn’t the first case where a cooling system is embedded into a smartphone. the Lumia 950 and its bigger brother Lumia 950 xl used the same cooling system. Now Samsung has managed to fit the liquid cooling system into the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge that is also used in satellites and aerospace industry.

For some reason, I am inclined to think that the snapdragon 820 has something to with this decision. The snapdragon 810 was notorious for its heating problem and Samsung dropped it in favour of its own Exynos 7420. The sales of that phone were slow. Samsung doesn’t want to take any chances now. So it is fitting its flagship with the snapdragon 820 and is including the liquid cooling system if any overheating incidents happen.

Whatever might be the case, it’s very generous on Samsung’s part to include this tech. the cooling liquid absorbs the heat and gets vaporized. When the temperature drops a bit, it condenses and turns into liquid before absorbing the heat and gets vaporized again.

What do you think about it?

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