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10 Reason Why Galaxy S7 is Better than iPhone

Galaxy S7 Edge Blue
Samsung officially announced the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge today. And before anyone will start comparing Galaxy S7 with Apple iPhone, Samsung itself shows the whole world how its new flagships are best.

Like many of you, we saw the whole live coverage of the Galaxy S7 UNPACKED event and managed to find all those nifty details about the new flagships.

Let’s compare the Galaxy S7 with the Apple iPhone. We will also tell you why the Galaxy S7 is better than the Apple iPhone.

Galaxy S7 Camera Take Better Low-Light Photos

Galaxy S7 vs Apple iPhone
Camera is one of the main features on any smartphone. Apple for instance take lot of pride for its iPhone camera. But guess what the new Galaxy S7 camera is way better than any Apple iPhone camera.

While comparing the low-light performance of Galaxy S7 camera, Samsung showed the side-by-side comparison of sample photos from Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6s plus.

The Galaxy S7 sample was way clear and crisp while iPhone photo was dull in low-light conditions.

Galaxy S7 is Water-Resistant

Galaxy S7 Water Resistant
Unlike Apple iPhone, which cannot sustain in rain and snow, the Galaxy S7 is water-resistant. It can survive if you accidentally drop the phone in shower.

To be specific the Galaxy S7 is rated with IP68 dust and water resistance, which means it can go more than a meter under water for around 30 minutes.

Galaxy S7 Can Charge Faster


No you do not need to charge the Galaxy S7 whole night to get it charged. Galaxy S7 uses fast charging technology. It can charge from 0 to 60 % just in 30 minutes.

In contrast the iPhone takes around 3 hours to charge completely.

Galaxy S7 has Wireless Charging


You can charge Galaxy S7 using a wireless charger. No need to plugin the USB charger, just put the phone on the wireless charger and it will do its job.

The Apple iPhone does not have any wireless charging feature.

Galaxy S7 Camera Auto-focus Faster


Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with a new technology called Dual Pixel. Using this the Galaxy S7 camera focuses instantly on any subject.

MicroSD Card for More Storage


No need to buy bigger memory phone, because you can use a microSD card on Galaxy S7. Though Samsung opted out of expandable storage in Galaxy S6, it quickly understood the public anger and brought back this important feature to Galaxy S7.

On the other hand Apple iPhone never had option for expandable storage.

Galaxy S7 has Bigger Battery

galaxy S7 battery

Both Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge have bigger batteries than the Apple iPhone. While the Galaxy S7 has a 3000 mAh battery, the Galaxy S7 Edge has a 3600 mAh batter.

At the same time, the Apple iPhone sports only a 2,750mAh battery.

So the Galaxy S7 will last longer than the Apple iPhone for sure.

Samsung Galaxy S7 has Always On Display


The new Samsung flagships uses a new feature called Always on.

The “always-on” display on the new Galaxy S7 phones lets you glance at basic information like date, time, and basic information about your notifications without having to wake the phones.

On iPhone you do not have this useful feature and you need to turn on the display each time to check any notification.

Galaxy S7 Edge has Widgets on the Curved Display’s Edges

Galaxy S7 Edge App Drawer
This is the best new feature of the Galaxy S7 Edge. You can access your favorite apps, contacts, news, and even make shortcuts to actions like composing a text message right from the edge of the Galaxy S7 Edge’s curved screen.

Get Free VR When You Pre-Order

Gear VR Galaxy S7

Virtual reality is the latest new trend. If you have not tried that until now, pre-order the Galaxy S7 and you will get a Gear VR for free.

No, you cannot get anything that good with an iPhone.

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