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Galaxy S6 Wireless Charger Uncovered


Wireless charging is something that is really new in our lives. Many of the people aren’t even familiar with it till now. If you ask any random person about wireless charging, he won’t know it. Wireless charging has not been introduced at a mega scale till now.

But now, it seems that a giant like Samsung has planned to introduce this technology globally. Samsung plans to do this with the launch of its upcoming phone the Galaxy S6 which will be launched in about a week from now.


This might seem a bit awkward that suddenly introducing the technology at such a big scale without any hype, but this is Samsung and it can do whatever it wants. So now, it’s planning to commercialize the wireless chargers at the biggest scale far more than any other company.

The latest news that we have about the wireless charging and the Galaxy S6 is that, at last, we now know that a wireless charger will accompany the Galaxy S6. The charger that Samsung plans to give with the Galaxy S6 is round shaped. It has a model number EP-PG920I. This will be the charger that will be used for both the Galaxy S6 and it’s variant Galaxy S6 Edge.