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Download Tizen 2.3 Source Code

tizen SDK
Samsung released a new version of Tizen keeping developers and OEM in mind. After much delay Samsung is now focusing quite a lot on Tizen project.

This new release will give developers the access to Tizen kernel, device drivers, middleware subsystems, and Web/Native APIs. In the release note Samsung stated:

This release is targeted towards smartphones and runs on the PC emulator and an ARM-based reference device. This release allows OEMs to begin considering Tizen 2.3 for their commercial devices, and open source developers to look into Tizen to find what they can improve and contribute.

If you want to download the new Tizen 2.3 use the following link:

For OEMs you can get the binaries and flash instructions from the following links

  • Getting binaries and images here
  • How to flash to a device here

Complete release note and known issues Tizen 2.3 Release Notes