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Best Buy Kick-Starts GEAR VR Pre-orders

gearvrSamsung has previously informed that its consumer version of the GEAR VR headset will be available towards the end of the year and that word seems to be good.  Best buy retailer has announced that it will start taking pre-orders for the GEAR VR. The virtual reality headset is priced at an affordable $99. Although we saw the developer’s version of the GEAR VR previously, this is the first time that this headset will be available for the common consumer.

The GEAR VR is a headset that is aimed at providing the virtual reality content to the user and to do so, it will make use of the phones from Samsung. The compatible models are the note 5 and all the variants of the galaxy s6. The headset saw some minor changes since the days of developer version. The foaming is now better and the side mounted touch control are now much simple to use.

This GEAR VR was co-developed by Samsung and Facebook owned oculus company. Additionally, the headset houses head tracking sensors that are essential for the VR experience.gear-vr-opened

Best buy has listed that the GEAR VR comes with a 16 GB memory card that is filled with VR content such as the virtual movie trailers and 360 degrees’ videos. You have to know that Netflix, Hulu, and twitch also offer their content in VR. Further support for video streaming services are coming soon.

All you have to do to immerse yourself in the VR world is to plug in your compatible Samsung phone into the GEAR VR and its display will become your screen.

This device will get into the hands of the consumer on November 20th and you might want to pre-order the device now in case the stock dries up.