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Two variants Coming Up For Galaxy J1


Samsung, earlier in last month, released one of its latest smartphones the Galaxy J1 in Malaysia. Rumors about the smartphone had been going on for quite some while and people were wondering what this smartphone will carry. It was rumored that the phone will have a 64-bit chip which was one of the latest types of chips available in the market.

Although when the phone came out in Malaysia, it lacked this chip. It had a dual-core processor built into it, which was quite opposite as compared to the benchmarks revealed earlier which had shown a 64-bit processor.


People got a bit confused for some time. But now after some wait, the confusion has been cleared out. The reason behind the release of dual core phone is that the Malaysian users are not as high-tech as others. This means there will be a quad-core variant for other markets coming out soon.

The quad-core variant will have a 5 mega-pixel camera while the remaining specs will be the same which include 1 GB of RAM and 1.2 GHz quad-core processor. It will be one of its kind high-end low-cost smartphone made for everyone.


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