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The Galaxy S7 Has Some Superb Accessories.

A superhero needs a sidekick. Similarly, a super phone will need the support of special accessories. The release of Galaxy s7 also saw the release of several interesting accessories. Some of them are as follows.samsung-s7-accessories-0164-002

The swappable camera lenses cover is my absolute favourite among the lot. The lens gets screwed into the case and gives the phone an extra edge in the camera department. Samsung has touted the Galaxy S7’s camera as the best camera in any smartphone and this lens cover enhance it further. This case is very delicate and can be broken easily. Definitely not for the faint of the heart.

You get the added capability of super wide-angle lens that can capture wide angled photos of the landscape or a detailed close-up of the object you have targeted far away.galaxy-s7-backpack-720x405

The second case that is more interesting than the others is the backpack case. The cover has an inbuilt battery that can charge the phone wirelessly using qi wireless method so that you don’t have to connect messy wires of any sort. The battery capacity of the cover is not exactly known but hopefully, it would double the battery life of the device. the battery button at the bottom of the case indicates the juice left in the cover.

The clear cover view is also noteworthy. The cover displays all the needed information on the always on display of the Galaxy S7 and will recognise functions such as swipe to answer gestures, music controls etc.

Samsung has also introduced other accessories such as the battery backs of 10200mAh and 5100mAh capacities and the type cover that was unveiled for the note 5.