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Samsung will Use Intel Atom Z3500 Processor for Next Android Phone

Samsung Intel Atom Z3500
According to reports from Korean media Intel will provide chipset to Samsung for an upcoming Android phone. Samsung mostly use Qualcomm as the preferred vendor when it’s comes to mobile processors. But if the Samsung is in fact working with Intel, it s a great boost to Intel, which is struggling to capture mobile chipset market share.

Korean newspaper DDaily reports that Samsung will release an Android smartphone powered by Intel Atom Z3500 X86 application processor. Apart from that this chipset supports both 3G and LTE radio capability. Intel Atop Z3500 is a quad-core processor clocked at 2.3 GHz.

DDaily also claimed that Samsung will not use the full speed of the processor because of battery drain issue but instead will down-clock it to 1.7 GHz. This will help in reducing battery consumption and prevent over heating.

The newspaper also reported that Intel is not going to make any profit from the project and it will just charge a mere $7 for each processor which is significantly low-priced when compared to Qualcomm processors. But for a new player like Intel getting into market is more important than making profit. The phone will be released later this year as the report suggests.

Qualcomm dominates the global mobile processor market with 64 percent revenue share, followed by MediaTek with 12 percent revenue share and Intel with 8 percent revenue share.