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Samsung rumored working on 11nm & 7nm chipsets

Samsung rumored working on 11nm & 7nm chipsets As a newest report says, the company has plans to introduce 11nm chipsets for their upper mid-range devices. Currently, the company is working on the 10nm process for their high-end Exynos chipsets which will be included in their Galaxy Note 8, and which can be found on the Galaxy S8. Now besides that, the company might work on the 11nm technology in hope to power up the devices placed between the mid-range and the high-end segment. Those devices are for example the Galaxy A lineup devices.

Currently being, the Galaxy A series have chips based on the 14nm process, but thanks to the newest 11nm technology, the chips will be 10 percent smaller. Also, the technology will increase the performance by 15 percent without affecting any power consumption. As the company says, the 11nm technology process could enter the production within the early days of 2018. That may mean that the Galaxy A series could be a contender when it comes to using new chips. Galaxy J models, and even the Galaxy C models, might snatch this technology as well. With this new process, the company will cover technologies within the range from 14nm to 11nm, 10nm, 8nm and 7nm. The company also confirmed that they will confirm further details regarding their processes at the Samsung Foundry Forum Japan on September 15.

It will be interesting to see if the company confirms any further details surrounding its future 6nm and 4nm processes. Both of them have been confirmed as well as a part of their future roadmap. With the focus of the company right now at the 7nm technology, it will remain to see how the company plans on competing their competitors.