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Samsung pulling back all the remaining Note 7 in US

As the reports say, all that remains from Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in the US will become useless on December 19, by making an update that will prevent the device to get charged.

It is certain that the pattern of the company is still trying to encourage the users who still own Galaxy Note 7, by potentially releasing an update that will disable the battery from charging. Australia, New Zealand and Canada are the only ones who announced their plans to cut off the Note 7 on the same date as well.

The previous update on the Galaxy Note 7, who made the phone to get charged only to 60 percent, is still not looking well for the device. The company stated that 85 percent of the Note 7 users in the US have already traded or got their phone replaced as a part of the recall order.

Newest reports say that Samsung are trying to make similar move in the European market as well. In these markets they will try to limit the phone’s charging to 30%, just to make the phone usable in emergencies. Still the update is very risky and crippling that will make the phone’s battery life puny and it will not be usable for most of the users.

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