The first Tizon powered Smartcamere Samsung NX-300M is getting a new Firmware update from version 1.13 to version 1.14. There are some bug fixes and two improvements brought in.

The software package which is a 331Mb download (245Mb compressed) can be downloaded from the Samsung official support website.

Here are the major improvements which is clear from the change log:

  • Improved 50-150mm S lens compatibility
  • Improved Flash-zoom issue of SEF42A Flash

Here is the official change log and firmware upgrade instruction from the Samsung website

NX300M firmware v1.14


During upgrading firmware, a camera turns itself on and off 3 times.

Do not cut off the power and Do not remove battery before complete message.


1.Improved 50-150mm-S lens compatibility

2.Improved Flash-zoom issue of SEF42A Flash