It is being stated that there are more than 80000 faulty Samsung washing machines with the threat of sparking fires are still in use even after the South Korean giant had recalled these machines two years ago.

Keeping in mind the recent damages that these faulty washing machines have caused, Samsung has launched another national safety recall of the top loader machines through a large advertising campaign.

In total 144,450 machines were said to be faulty in 2013 and Samsung has serviced or replaced only 61,000 of these machines since the first recall. Since the first recall 180 incidents have occurred where the machines have been smoking and catching fire.

The Vice-president of Samsung for consumer electronics, Phil Newton stated that he wanted the Australians to remain safe. He further stated that the safety of the Australians is the company’s number 1 priority and they will not rest until all the machines have been taken care of.

He also explained that the company had followed the advice of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission when the company was made aware of the fault in its washing machines. Mr. Newton explained that the company since then has spent millions of dollars in advertising in order to make the users aware of the risk.

Talking about the new advertising campaign that Samsung launched today, Mr. Newton stated that this advertisement campaign will target the remaining 83000 machines that are still in use across the county.

Apart from this the NSW fair trading commissioner Rod Stowe stated that his department was fully supporting the efforts of Samsung in recalling back the machines as these machines are a real danger to the users. Samsung has claimed that it will replace or completely refund the users.

You can tell Samsung about your affected top loader washing machine here.