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Samsung Has the Best 4K TV On a Budget

maxresdefault Samsung has made available a 4K TV with the model number UN50JU6500 and this is an excellent TV if you prefer the 4K resolution and are on a tight budget. Samsung has deliberately thickened the bezel so as to give this TV a less premium feel than the expensive $10,000 edition TV. But that doesn’t matter because Samsung has fitted the TV with an excellent 4K display.

This 4K TV is a 50-inch version and will cost you less than $850 on amazon. The TV is edge lit and the design is a reminiscent of the curved monitor that Samsung makes. This TV also features a feature that Samsung calls as UHD dimming. This allow the TV to scan the entire image on the screen and adjust the brightness levels to make the dark spots appear darker and the whites appear brighter.ports

The resolution that is available is not true 4K but the ultra-high definition that TV manufacturers calls as 4K. the resolution is at 3840×2160 pixels. This is 4 times greater resolution than the 1080 resolution. When you play media that is at a resolution lesser than the 4K, this 4K TV automatically upscale the content to match the screen better. Like most TV’s today, this 4K TV is a smart television meaning that you can have a variety of apps and surf the web with a built in browser. There is a built in Wi-Fi antenna for the internet connection. There are plenty of ports such as the hdmi and usb ports for i/o purposes

This isn’t the thinnest or the lightest 4K TV on the market but at this budget price, this is a great television. There are some TV’s from tcl and vizio that might give this 4K TV some competition. Be sure to check them out before buying your cheap 4K TV.