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Samsung Electronics and 5G Americas making a dealership

Samsung Electronics and 5G Americas making a dealershipMore dealing news from Samsung, last week the company 5G Americas welcomed the Korean Giant Samsung as a new member of industry trade association. Before the company got the name 5G Americas, it was mostly known as 4G Americas and 3G Americas before. This time, because of the expanding 5G technology, the company suited the name itself.

Samsung is already a member of various organizations whose goals are to bring up and push 5G networking in the mainstream. All of this changed when in the last week Samsung made the dealership with 5G Americas and joined forces. 5G Americas also announced that the expertise of Samsung will bring much of a value in the next generation of wireless technologies. Also, as a newest member of 5G Americas, Samsung also joined forces with several partners. These include AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Qualcomm, Intel, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Ericsson, Cisco, CommScope and much more. The company has also made some tests on their own of the newest 5G technology. The organization 5G Americas still remain open for new set of member, as for now they seem pretty much satisfied from this decision that Samsung brought and joined them.

The 5G networking is a huge step in the evolution of communications. It opens up new opportunities beyond the traditional mobile networking, and may become the backbone of various new technological advancements. These include automation, self-driving cars and everything else encompassed by the Internet of Things. For nearly a decade, Samsung Electronics were working on researching and developing 5G technologies which led to the unveiling of a lot 5G products at the MWC this year. During that event, Samsung also demoed 5G Guaranteed Latency (a.k.a. GLA) as an end-to-end networking system in collaboration with Detsche Telekom.

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