Samsung to double their smartphone production perhaps

The Korean Giant company Samsung have leaked that they have plans to double up their smartphone production. This will only though happen in India perhaps, but only for the beginning. This could also take place in June 7, where the company is set to spend 40 billion rupees (or around $621 million). This amount is twice larger than the last years investment, which was around $306 million.

The latest plan of Samsung included the expansion of the production area at the Noida plant. With this, it could lead to increasing the phone production from 5 million units to 10 million units per month. Also, this expansion move was firstly unveiled as a part of the Samsung’s “Make in India” campaign. As we said, this move could be happening in India firstly, with the increase of the smartphone markets.

Further details are not yet known, and also nothing officially confirmed from Samsung. Also, the company is very popular in India, so it could be the perfect place to start a campaign for increasing their markets. With that, they will also compete with their rivals, and if it comes to worldwide expansion, they will definitely make their path slowly to the top of the smartphone markets.