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Samsung ChatOn is Going to Shut Down, Time to Backup Your Data

Samsung ChatOn cross platform messaging service is going to be phased out slowly as Samsung does not think it is a sustainable business model. Samsung is working hard to streamline its business model to save expenditures.

“That’s turning out to be bad news for the company’s cross-platform messaging app ChatOn, which, it has been determined, “isn’t a business that can show improvement in the future.” Multiple Samsung officials informed The Korea Times. They were giving their response to a report, which says ChatOn will be gradually phased out on a region-by-region basis as Samsung looks to cut its losses and focus on more profitable ventures.

ChatOn is the new causality as Samsung is shutting down many of its loss making ventures. Samsung offers ChatOn on all its smartphones pre-loaded at the time of shipping. But ChatOn never got the traction as other popular messaging services, such as WhatsApp or Viber.

Still, not everything is bad at Samsung’s end. It closed down media hub this summer, but this week it came up with Milk video streaming service to offer viral videos on the Internet. May be the same will happen to ChatOn and it will come back with a different name with some new features.

If you are an active user of ChatOn it is high time to backup your data and start using another messaging service like WhatsApp.