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Red Hat and Samsung Team Up for Enterprise Mobile Solutions


Red Hat Inc. is one of the preeminent open-source solution providers for the enterprise. Red Hat Inc. has been furnishing high-quality software products in open source to the enterprise industry, since 1993. Recently, in the Red Had Summit 2015 held in Boston on June 23, the South Korean technology corporation – Samsung, has partnered with Red Hat Solutions, for integrating advanced mobile and cloud technologies on their smartphones.

Both companies have formed this partnership for mutual benefits. Samsung and Red Hat have partnered for the integration of the latest and advanced cloud technology in the latest mobile devices. These solutions will provide a platform to the organizations, due to rapid development of enterprise applications.

At this event, the Executive Vice President of Samsung announced that Samsung will benefit greatly from this newly formed alliance, and will be able to provide next generation innovative solutions for organizations, in the very near future.

Being the world’s outstanding open-source solutions provider, Red Hat Inc. is recognized for its reliability and credibility all over the world, for providing the best open-source solutions for enterprises. Moreover, it is highly efficient and is known for deployment and development of applications for industrial purposes.

Most of the devices by Samsung will benefit from the application development of Red Hat Inc., including wearables, smart watches, smartphones, TVs, and many more electrical appliances.
Red Hat has stepped into the wireless market as it is the future for enterprises. Mobility is very essential for businesses, as a solution for improved productivity and efficiency. This alliance will be operational in the United States only, as of yet.

Craig Muzilla, senior vice president, Application Platforms Business, Red Hat, said: “Effective and successful enterprise mobility strategies take into account both platforms and devices, and how they come together to help enable powerful end-to-end mobile solutions. We believe deeply in the power of collaboration, and we’re excited to join with Samsung in not only delivering a new generation of mobile solutions for the enterprise, but in empowering customers to achieve new levels of innovation in mobile.”

Robin Bienfait, executive vice president, chief enterprise innovation officer, Samsung, said: “We are excited to collaborate with Red Hat to deliver the next generation of mobile enterprise applications and solutions, and are committed to shaping the future of innovation. Samsung firmly believes that strategic alliances with organizations such as Red Hat that deliver open source enterprise infrastructure and provide reliable, secure integration from the back end to the end user will help businesses more readily adopt a mobile first environment.”