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Note 7’s YOCTA display headed to Galaxy S8

Note 7’s YOCTA display headed to Galaxy S8

Recent reports are saying that YOCTA displays, which are firstly seen in the Galaxy Note 7, are also headed for the Galaxy S8.

As it may happen, the device is possible to have the exact same display. The S8 might also include an RGB AMOLED screen, and have a size of 5.7’’ or even 6.2’’. For now we are not sure if the display will be placed on both of the screens that S8 will offer, or it will be placed only on one of them. The biggest possibility is that Samsung may end up using the exact same display panels with Quad HD resolution and Y-OCTA technology. Both of them were used in the retired Note 7 device.

The Y-OCTA is a process that allows Samsung to lower the display costs and thickness by putting the touch sensors to the panel itself. That is why Samsung is not relying on another manufacturer to make their touch layers. All of the touch system is produced by Samsung themselves.

So, as a conclusion, if any of these rumors are true, the smaller Galaxy S8 devices will have the same display as the Note 7. On the other side, the rumor of having the full RGB AMOLED panel is also a great possibility and might come to the bigger devices of the Galaxy S8 version.

The first showroom for the Galaxy S8 will be happening in Barcelona, so the answers might come up quickly.