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Note 5 Active with Massive Battery to Launch Soon


Samsung loves to release different versions of the flagship phone and the rumors are surrounding the new device called as note 5 active.

Samsung sales are slipping thanks to low cost-high featured phones but the tech giant is in no mood to slow down. It has releases the galaxy s6 and s6 edge not long ago. Note 5 and s6 edge+ have been launched last week.


Now the rumours are pointing out towards a mysterious device that is to be believed as the rugged version of the note 5 called as the note 5 active. Typically the previous phones with active tag have been designed for extreme endurance such as steep drop. They are also waterproof resisting the water like no other phones. They dust proof too.

Usually, Samsung produces active phones of the galaxy s series. this is the first time a note series phone will have an active version indicating the changing tactics of Samsung to maintain its dominant position in the smartphone market.


Massive battery.

This version of the note will have a 4100 mah battery that can power the phone for 2 days under moderate usage. The capacitive touch button will be replaced with the physical button below the display. Do not expect the phone to have a slim profile like the new note. The hard plastic might not be pretty sight but your phone will still be pretty after a nasty drop.

We can expect thick corners and the stylus will also be redone to suit the phone better and endure the harshness.

The specs will be mostly similar but I am still not expecting that expandable storage when the phone launches in November.

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