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No more Sharp LCD TV panels for Samsung

No more Sharp LCD TV panels for Samsung Sakai Display Products is a joint venture from Foxconn when earlier this year they have acquired Sharp. Sharp (now Sakai) is used to deliver and produce LCD TV panels for Samsung with a tune of 5 million units in a year. After Foxconn got the verification for owning Sakai, the company had to cut off the deal with Samsung.

After the abolition of the deal with Sharp, Samsung will still stand to receive a total of 2-3 million TV panels this year, with a site of 40 inches and 60 inches. Sharp still tried to negotiate about higher prices but they failed. Their profitability is expected to make a comeback in the first quarter of 2018, as they renew their marketing plan.

Since the failure of their negotiation, the company will be focusing on creating a Sharp Aquos-branded TVs. They plan to make sales in overall 10 million units in 2018 and target the emerging markets that still have need for large-screened TVs.

What is interesting about Samsung, they plan to turn to rival LG Displays to fill their LCD TV panels. There is no confirmation about making this deal, so this only remains a rumor.

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