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No more mobile networks on the Note 7

If you are one of those who claim “I take good care of my Note 7, there is no chance it would explode”, just stop…

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 saga is now dragging over multiple months. First there were two recalls, then came the travel bans and the end of the cursed device. But even after all this, some people just can’t let go.

That is why from November 18th, Note 7 owners in New Zealand won’t be able to connect to mobile networks. No calls, not texts, no mobile data, just access to Wi-Fi. Basically, the phone will be turned into a big Samsung iPod Touch. This mobile network ban was a joint effort by Samsung and the The New Zealand Telecommunications Forum (TFC).

“Numerous attempts by all providers have been made to contact owners and ask them to bring the phones in for replacement or refund. This action should further aid the return of the remaining handsets…”

Samsung New Zealand added that it will help contact all remaining Note 7 owners before the shutdown. It Is left to be seen whether Samsung will take this action in other markets

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