Navitel Navigator available on Tizen

    The Navitel Navigator is an extraordinary navigation app that was recently released for the Tizen Store. It is available for the Samsung Z1 and Z2, but still no word if it will come to the Z3. This application claims that it is a precise offline GPS navigation app with free geosocial services and 64 detailed maps. Currently it has over 20 million downloads and it it in the Top 5 Navigation apps in 12 countries.

    This application is multi-platform enabled and has been already available for a few platforms including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows CE and BlackBerry. Worth to note is that the Navitel has all of the necessary features including real-time traffic service and great looking graphics.

    Some of the other unique features that this app brings, is the ability to use the cloud so you can message friends and track their location and routing them towards you. Not quite what the sceptics about privacy were looking forward to.