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Korean Designer Kyuho Song Shows His Thoughts About Galaxy S6


In the last month or two, people around the world viewing news online has come across some sort of news related to the Samsung’s upcoming smartphone – the King of Hype and the future king of the smartphone market, the great Samsung Galaxy S6.

The creators of Galaxy S6 have tried to keep their upcoming phone as secret as possible. Samsung has planned to give its admirers some great surprise in the first week of March. We have come across a couple of leaks and rumors that no one knows are true or not. Everyone just wonders and paints his own image of this upcoming phone.


But very few people get a chance to show off their imagined version of the Galaxy S6. These very few people are the ones who are experts at graphics designing. Kyuho Song is one of these people and he has created and amazing concept design of the Galaxy S6 that sums up all the rumors into an image.

The device is rectangular shaped with really thin bezels on the side while a somewhat bigger upper and lower area of the screen is present. In the upper area, one can notice separate speaker with a small front camera and sensors on either sides. While on the bottom area, one can see a home button which is a bit higher than other models and it has a finger scanner. On the back, there are large speakers at bottom. On the upper side, there is rounded camera in center with a flash underneath it.