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James Bond: Samsung and Sony Phones Aren’t Good Enough


James bonds latest adventure, spectre has been recently released some regions and Bond, as usual, comes with an Arsenal of swanky gadgets. but you might not have known that the film director and Daniel Craig, who plays bond in the film doesn’t think that the phones from Samsung or Sony are the best.

The information was made available when some emails between Columbus pictures and the head of worldwide business affairs leaked. For this purpose, Sony offered Daniel Craig 5 million dollars and the producer, 18 million dollars for the product placement and promotional purposes.  it also informed that the director, Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig Where are against using the Samsung phones in the film owing to the simple fact that they do not think that the phones from Sony or Samsung are the best and since Bond uses only the best technology available, using these phones would be foolish to be used in the movie.


“BEYOND the $$ factor, there is, as you may know, a CREATIVE factor whereby Sam and Daniel don’t like the Sony phone for the film (the thinking, subjectively/objectively is that James Bond only uses the ‘best,’ and in their minds, the Sony phone is not the ‘best’,” Andrew Gumpert, President of Worldwide Business Affairs and Operations, Columbia Pictures, wrote.

these email also discuss the possible idea that even though Bond doesn’t use the phones, the actor playing Q would showcase the phone in the film and in such scenario, 4 million dollars would go to the producer and 1 million dollars to The actor playing q. it was also reported that Samsung offered 50 million dollars its Galaxy S6 phone in the movie.

spectre movie hasn’t release worldwide and it is still unknown which phone Bond uses. Sony has also released a phone called as the bond edition and has released an advert where moneypenny uses the xperia phone in the movie.