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Galaxy S9 to feature 1000 fps camera sensor

Galaxy S9 to feature 1000 fps camera sensorLast week, Apple have unveiled their newest iPhone X at the Steve Jobs Theater. Aside all of the talking about their newest device, the Samsung’s newest Galaxy S9 leaks have just begun. On Sunday, an article from the industry sources has been published claiming that the newest Galaxy S9 will be capable of shooting in 1000 fps. With that, the Galaxy S9 would be a rival to the Sony’s latest phones.

Following the source, it suggests that Samsung will start with mass-production of their brand new sensor. That should start from November this year. With that, they will give the phone maker plenty of time to get ready. As previous leaks say, the device might come out in the markets at the end of January.

It is still unclear how Samsung will build their sensor though. Sony have their own patent at their design of the camera sensor for the Xperia XZ1 and XZ Premium. That means that Samsung will have to make their own route of creating the sensor if they want to avoid to be sued.

With the Apple’s iPhone X having been set to dominate the smartphone world and markets, Samsung will have to find their way back to the top of it.