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Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S8 Tips and Tricks

Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S8 Tips and Tricks
The Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are truly amazing devices ever made by Samsung. The devices have their own advanced mechanisms and new customization things that are available to us. If you personally own a Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus device, you might want to take a look at our Top 10 Tips and Tricks for your device.

Enable Face Widgets

You might ask yourself what the Face Widgets are. The Face Widgets are appearing when your device is on the lock screen. Here you can see the face widgets at the top of the screen, just above the notifications. In the Face Widgets, you can select three different widgets to be shown up on your lock screen: Music ControllerUpcoming Appointments, and Next Alarm. Now, for enabling them, you can head up to the Settings, and click Lock Screen and Security. Then, a little bit on the bottom, you will see the Information and Face Widgets. After you click on that, you will see the Face Widgets. By clicking them, you will see the interface of the Face Widgets and choose which widgets will be turned on, and also reorder them as you desire.

Customize Edge Lighting

We all know that the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus come with Edge Panels. There is also a way for you to customize them. To do that, head over to the Settings, and choose Display. After that, scroll down and select Edge Screen. By clicking that, you will see couples of options, like the Edge panel and Edge Lighting. By editing the Edge Lighting, you can customize when your device will have edge lighting wherever you receive any notification. You can also customize which applications can trigger the edge lighting by receiving a notification.

Customize Edge Panels

The Edge Panels is also something which is worthy to pay attention. To customize it you can follow up the same step as above with the Edge Lighting. Only this time though, you will select the Edge Panel instead of Edge Lighting. When you enter the customization menu for the Edge Panel, you can choose which icons or apps to be shown. You can also download some and install them very easily, you have full freedom on customizing the panel.

Access your Apps

With this, we actually mean that you can choose the way you want to see your apps. You can choose between selecting a dedicated button and then it will lead you to a new interface where you see your apps, or you can choose to see all of your apps just by sliding the screen on your phone. This feature can be found very helpful and also it is another proof of the freedom we have with the device. To access the settings though, you can press and hold the home screen, then select the Home Screen Settings. After that, you should see the Apps Button, and then to select the option you desire.

Change the navigation bar color

The navigation bar is also something that might come into view and sometimes you may feel like you want to customize the color of it. Well, you can actually do that. The newest navigation bar for the Galaxy S8 comes with a full customization option. You can choose the color you desire for your bar by heading into Settings -> Display -> Navigation bar. From here you can see at the top of the menu the colors you can select for your navigation bar.

Always on Display

You can also customize the Always on Display feature. Again, head over to the Settings, then choose Lock Screen and Security. Here you can see the Always on Display settings and can easily turn it off or on. Also, by clicking it, you will be headed into the settings of the Always on Display feature. In here, the most interesting option is which content you want to see on your Always on Display. You can choose whether you want to have any kind of clock, or which navigation bar buttons to be seen. Even the background or the colors of the options can be changed and customized.

Phone dialer

The feature that you might not be going to find out that easily and it is very helpful. Sometimes we are in a hurry and we cannot dial up someone we need very fast. Well, with the Galaxy S8/S8 Plus, we have a feature where we can just simply by holding down the numbers of our dial and save the contact we want on it. Then, to call it we just have to also hold down the button we saved our number, and the dialing will start right away.

Answering and ending calls

A feature that is probably well known already, the option to answer and end calls using the volume keys and the power button. You have options where you can select to answer your calls by pressing some of your volume buttons and to end calls by pressing the power button.

Adding Favorite Contacts

Also, a feature that is most likely known, but very useful as well, you can add your favorite contacts to favorite list. To do that, you just have to go over to your favorite contact and click the star icon which should be on the right side. By clicking the star icon, you put your contact into your list of Favorite Contacts.

Enabling Game Mode

If you like gaming much and spend a lot of time playing games on your phone, then you can increase the gaming performance on your device. It still doesn’t improve the efficiency of the battery, but it gives you full experience while gaming. To access the Gaming Mode, go over to Settings, then head up to Device Maintenance. From here you can select Performance Mode, which after selecting that it will give you a menu where you can select the performance mode you desire. In here you can also select the Gaming Mode.

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