Apple vs Samsung

Samsung’s VP of KNOX mobile security business group, Jae Shin believes that these days consumers are more educated about the products than ever before. Because of th amount of resources available in web and print media it is hard to fool people only by creating brand hype.

According to Jae Shin consumers no longer see only the design of the product but also the features which come with the gadgets. This was his argument when answering a question at the company’s ‘Business Discovery Day’ about Samsung’s strategy for tackling the much hyped iWatch, Apple’s first smartwatch. Also he made it clear that Samsung i not going to lose the race and is not at all worried about loosing its early lead in the smartwatch market to Apple. Shin said that consumers now have the “know-how and the resources to make a smart decision.”

With countless technology blogs and youtube channels now consumers have an enormous amount of information to make simple decision when buying a new gadget and they know what they are buying with their hard-earned money.

“At Samsung, we provide a lot of technical support and SDKs to developers so that they actually create innovation solutions and applications and user experiences that provide what the consumer wants; transparent technology. They want to be able to use it for a purpose they’re going to benefit from,” Shin continued.

“I think in the beginning maybe it was just about branding, but I think now consumers have the know-how and the resources to make a smart decision,” he added.