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Find the latest Samsung Galaxy, digital, NX mirrorless cameras updates, news, rumors, leaks and firmwares. We post up-to-date information on Samsung digital and NX cameras.

Samsung Galaxy NX Mirrorless First Photos

Earlier this week we wrote about Samsung's intention to release a android powered mirrorless camera. Today we got hold of some official photos of...

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Video Review

Samsung announced Galaxy S4 Zoom yesterday and there is already a video review/preview of the not so usual smartphone from Samsung. PhoneArena posted a...

Mirror-less Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 Will Be Announced on June 20

There are some new rumors that the next Samsung Galaxy Camera will be mirror-less and most likely be powered by Android OS. Galaxy Camera...

Samsung Unveils 10mm F3.5 Fisheye Lens for Samsung NX series

Samsung unveils 10mm F3.5 Fisheye Lens for Samsung NX series, which weighs just 72 grams. So that the lens is about half the size...

Samsung NX1100 Mirrorless Camera Leaked on Official Website

Samsung added user manual for their next mirrorless camera on official website. NEX1100 will carry almost identical spec as it's predecessor. here's still a...

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