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The Galaxy View Is Now Available for A Lot Less

Remember the giant tablet that Samsung released a few months ago? If you don’t, then you are not alone. The galaxy view has always been a weird tablet. Honestly I don’t know why Samsung made a tablet that just doesn’t fit anywhere. It was never aimed at replacing your smartphone, tablet, laptop or your television.

Samsung seemed to have made this tablet for the cooking personnel in the kitchen. With its giant screen of 18.4 inches, experts have labelled this tablet as tiny television instead of a monster tablet.

Samsung has mentioned that the tablet would be perfect for movie lovers whose only need is to watch movies and videos via Netflix, Hulu etc. Samsung has also made some remote control apps for the iOS and android platform through which you will be able to control the video through a smartphone.

The tablet initially retailed for $599 but Samsung dropped the price by $100 due to soft demand. But the tablet is further seeing a price drop of $50 and it now retails for $449.

The specs include an 18.4 inch full HD display. Powering it is a exynos 7580 processor with 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage. The battery capacity is at 5700 Mah.

If you want an oversized tablet that has a weird stand as well as monster screen size, then this might be your chance to lay your hands on the galaxy view tablet.