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Verizon Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Getting Software Update (P905VVRUANE4)

Verizon LTE enabled Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 is getting a minor update right now. The latest version with build number “KOT49H.P905VVRUANE4” is not bringing any noticable changes or new features but instead it looks like some bugs are fixed.

According to Verizon support page bug fixes are done on the Calendar app and stability has been improved for Science and Technology Content on Home Screen Widget. There’s also a new option to wipe local content from the lockscreen for “all lock methods including password, PIN, pattern and biometrics.” Since the Note Pro 12.2 doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner – maybe someone copied the text from a Galaxy S5 update. Wiping your tablet via Android’s built-in reset function in the Settings menu will now erase all data on the MicroSD card as well, which might be worth noting if you keep, well, anything on there.

Some new widgets changes are also done for Samsung WatchON, Google Search, Verizon Messages, NYTimes, Drive scan and Hancom Office.