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US Carriers confirming the Galaxy Note 7 update

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 update release in United States

As the update description says, it will leave the device incapable of charging and out of function. It will cut down the network access of the device and leave it usable only for emergency situations. It is set to be released within 30 days in the United States.

The companies AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon reported that they will follow the update after the Christmas holidays, explaining that they don’t want to put their customers on hurry. T-Mobile will be the first ones to release this update on December 27. AT&T has set the date on January 5 and Sprint on January 8. Verizon though are still sticking with their decision of not releasing the update at all.

On the other hand, Samsung are still not doing a drastic step for their customers to get return their devices. They also announced that an update will be released in Europe, and it will only limit the battery charge to 30 percent.

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