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No Takers for Super AMOLED Other Than Samsung

Galaxy S5 Super AMOLED Display
Samsung Super AMOLED display is beautiful and one of the best in class, but according to Samsung Display CEO Park Dong-geun no other company is interested to license Super AMOLED technology.

“Currently, the problem is that we have nowhere else to sell our products besides Samsung Electronics’ mobile division,” Park said. “In the case of China’s smartphone market, we are only just beginning (to expand there).”

Samsung started using Super AMOLED screens from the first Galaxy S phone and still on Galaxy S5 it is using a much technologically advanced version of the same technology.

Other companies like Nokia and Motorola are using AMOLED displays, but they have either developed their own technology or licensed the standard from other firms. HTC on the other hand using LCD displays on their smartphones.

Park said, though there is no specific reason why other companies are avoiding Super AMOLED technology, but it may be possible that other companies unwilling to license a technology from Samsung, the largest player in the smartphone world, as all of them are trying to compete and would rather pay other display makers.

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