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Is Your Samsung SSD 840 EVO Slow? Use Latest Firmware to Fix the Problem

Are you facing the problem of slow read speed on your PC or MAC and you are using Samsung SSD 840 series drive? Then you are not the only one who has this problem.

After getting lots of complaints about Samsung’s SSD 840 EVO read performance degradation, the company listened to the customer problem. Samsung announced before that they are going to fix the problem by October 15th. And guess what, they released a new firmware to fix the issue and released it on their website yesterday. They also released a tool called Performance Restoration Software.

But before getting too excited, you must know that simply flashing the firmware will not fix your problem. Because the bug specifically affects the read speed of old data, the data in the drive, have to be rewritten for the changes in the firmware to take place. To do this data rewriting work you need the Performance Restoration Software. Also, you should have at least 10% free space in your SSD drive to use the tool.
Also, there are some more limitation. First this firmware is just for the 840 EVO SSD and only works for Windows. Also the tool is only for NTFS partition. MAC and Linux users need to wait for some more time. Samsung promised they will release the software for MAC and Linux by the end of this month.

So if you have the problem and you are using Windows, check the source link and download the firmware and tool to the fix the slow read problem.