Samsung confirmed Bixby and Samsung Pay Mini

    Recently, people started noticing some changes on Samsung’s website, and the most noticed thing is the standalone online payment platform. There is no doubt that this is Samsung Pay Mini. Besides that, Samsung will also be providing the most anticipated digital assistant Bixby. Apparently, they will come in one package as part of the next Samsung Pay Beta build.

    Samsung Pay Mini

    For quite some time it was known that Samsung was working on a striped down version of the Samsung Pay as a standalone app. But the Bixby integration is something new. Maybe we will be able to make voice payments.

    However, there is no information on when exactly the latest beta build will hit our phones. Only speculations suggest that we can expect the new beta of Samsung Pay to be available after the Galaxy S8 release. This way users will be able take full advantage of the Bixby functionality.