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Iron Man S6 Edge Limited Edition Sells for $91000

Iron Man

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Edition is a limited version of the handset and customers have been very excited about getting their hands on this exclusive handset.

News was already pouring in that the handset is being sold for $35000 but now this is no comparison for what it has been sold for in China recently.

The second largest e-commerce retailer JD.com of China recently auctioned off one limited Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Edition handset which received a total of 92,429 bids.

The final price was set at 568,788 Yuan which works out to a staggering $91000. This means that the handset has been sold for almost 100 times the handsets original $1079 price tag.

The iron Man Edition handset basically offers the Galaxy S6 Edge a unique red color on the back and red is a very popular color in China.

Samsung had already predicted this and so has planned to ship 16 million units for sale in China. Originally it was expected that there will only be 1000 Iron Man Edition handsets available and were only to be sold in South Korea.

However the rollout of these handsets into China could mean that it would also be offered in other markets around the world.

Apart from this every device has a unique serial number and the handset auctioned in China had the serial number 66.

Now 6 is a very lucky number in the Chinese custom and the 66 serial number suggested that the handset will bring twice as normal good luck.

The serial number is also one of the main reasons that the handset was sold for such a high price.

The Galaxy S6 Edge is one of Samsung’s flagships this year that brings the style and specifications of the Galaxy S6 with the addition of a curved edge screen on either side of the display.